Dr. Lee has chosen to use a membership model for her practice.

Ponder this: You don’t get in shape by going to the gym once a year. Similarly, you also don’t get healthy by going to the doctor once a year.

MyDoc Functional Medicine’s membership gives you personalized comprehensive medical care by Dr. Lee herself. Membership also includes health coaching, unlimited online access to Dr. Lee, access to a private social media wellness community and discounts on supplements.

What to Expect: 
1. Dr. Lee will take the time to get to know you and your individual story
2. She will thoughtfully use state of the art diagnostic tests to determine the root cause of your symptoms
3. Together we develop the best possible medical, nutrition, and fitness plan for you. The result is reversal of symptoms, wellness, and being in  control of your own health. 

Dr. Lee prefers to: “Test not Guess”– She uses specialized tests that many conventional  doctors don’t normally order.

Medications do play a role in maintaining your health. There is a distinct advantage of seeing Dr. Lee who is a Board Certified Family Physician. You get the best of both worlds.  If you need a medication to treat your condition she can certainly prescribe it. However, in many cases, she will work on ways to wean you off your medications as your symptoms reverse with lifestyle treatments. She can even prescribe antibiotics for acute infections if you really need one. Even better, she will also give you a program to help prevent you from getting reoccurring  infections.

Did you know the vitamin industry is not regulated? So those supplements  on the store shelf are questionable at best.  You will have access to Medical-grade supplements at a discounted price.

Food is Medicine.  Working with a Functional Medicine trained dietician and health coach will be life changing.

Visit us virtually or in person. Schedule visits and access notes and records online.

Fallen off the workout wagon? Need encouragement to get  off your couch and into your running shoes?  Health coaching will keep you motivated on on track.

When you join the MyDoc Functional Medicine membership- you will be added to a unique community.  Dr. Lee will hold educational seminars, webinars and you will be added to a special facebook page.