Dr. Lee created MyDoc Functional Medicine because she felt that to achieve your goals of wellness one needs the individual attention of their own personal doctor. What is vital in this journey is to have a physician, who knows you, understands your uniqueness, and will support and collaborate with you to reach your goals.

Dr. Lee practices Functional Medicine which addresses the root causes of disease through a comprehensive look at your health. This involves an in depth assessment of your personal history,  lifestyle, environment, mental, emotional  and spiritual factors. We caneven evaluate genetic factors that influence your health. This is the new frontier in medicine!

Using the latest lab testing and technology, Dr. Lee then creates a personalized treatment plan that is tailored specifically for your body. This may include diet, lifestyle change, stress management, nutraceuticals  and when necessary, prescription drugs.

This is  true healthcare and not sick-care. .. a unique new level of primary care-where your well-being and health are just  as important as curing disease.



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