From Cathy W. 

I was a prior patient of Dr. Lee in her solo practice in Rochester New York. When I heard that she was moving, I was absolutely devastated. I had been a patient of hers for many years and she knew me and my physical problems better than anyone else. When I began having many strange symptoms that had no answer in routine medicine, she went out of her way to take classes, go to seminars and explore alternative therapies to find the source of my problems. Where regular medicine didn't help me, she found things that did.and I began to get better. Today I still call her and get her advice. My friends always ask me who my doctor is because I brag about her all the time. Dr. Lee started out as my doctor, but she has become my friend. I consider her to be the best doctor in the world.


From Cherl S. 

I have been a patient of Dr. Lee's since early 2016 and I am very pleased with having her as my doctor. She is a blessing in the very sense of the word. In 2015, I began to experience symptoms of unexplained weight loss and severe digestive distress. As a healthy active 60-ish woman, I had no idea what was happening to me or what to do. After months of seeing my primary care physician and invasive testing there was still no diagnosis. Suggestions of 'it's probably just stress so take these pills and let's see what happens' did not make any sense to me. A trusted advisor recommended Dr. Lee and her team at a local functional medicine practice. I am so happy I found Dr. Lee! She listened to my symptoms and concerns (anxiety had set in big time!) before suggesting any treatments or testing. Dr. Lee's skills in functional medicine started me on the road to recovery by finding out what was the underlying cause of my digestive problems - not just treating the symptoms! Her compassionate demeanor was encouraging and helped take some of the fear out of what was going on. Fortunately with the program Dr. Lee laid out for me I am now successfully managing my digestive issues with a few minor dietary and lifestyle changes. No drugs! I am happy to back to my active lifestyle with the energy to keep up with my growing family of grandchildren.



I was a patient of Dr. Lee's when she was practicing in Rochester, and also worked as her secretary for several years. I loved both working for her, and having my health under her guidance. I struggled with migraine headaches from before I was a teenager, and Dr. Lee helped me begin taking natural supplements that gave me no awful side effects like the medications I had tried, and completely changed my life. I had been experiencing daily headaches, and at least one incapacitating migraine a week. Under her direction, I completely stopped having migraines, and my headaches decreased to about once a month. I cannot begin to describe the effect this had on my social, professional, academic, and athletic life. Before being treated by Dr. Lee, I was afraid to even drive longer distances because I was worried that a migraine, which effected my vision, would cause me to have to pull over for my own and others safety. She gave me my life back, and she did it with no strange medications or invasive tests or procedures that other specialists had offered me. 

Dr. Linda Lee is someone who cares about each patient, giving individualized care to each. She puts the person first, spending more time with each person than a typical doctor in a typical practice does. In the time that I spent as her secretary, I saw her pour her life into the people she saw each day. Not only did she care deeply, but she would continue to research and study, always being willing to learn more and be challenged to be better in her field. If she did not feel she had the best answer to someone's health problem, she would research until she found options for them. She was always open to trying new things, and she met each person where they were to work together toward a better quality of life.