Dare To Dream

The Dawn of a New Year 2017

The Dawn of a New Year 2017

December 31, 2016:  

As I sit here teetering on the edge of 2017 I reflect on the past year and all that has transpired. It has been almost two years since relocating from Rochester, NY to Atlanta, GA.  

Our roots grow deeper as we have established our new home with new friends, a new church and new jobs.  I feel so very blessed and content where God has placed us. Yet as I peer into the new year ahead, I sense anticipation of the days ahead. Do I dare dream?

Wellspring Family Medicine was the name of my own solo practice. I started my own practice years ago because I wanted to give personalized attention and time to my patients. Over the years I integrated Functional Medicine into the practice as I focused on very complex, chronic illnesses such as autoimmune diseases and their root causes.

With the move came the closing of Wellspring Family Medicine.  I made the decision against starting up my own practice in Atlanta . I thought it would be too difficult because I did not know anyone in the medical community and had no patients of my own.

I miss my practice….  I miss having the close, personal interactions with my patients.  I miss being able to make my own administrative decisions that would best benefit my patients.  I miss the stirring up of my entrepreneurial spirit to craft an extraordinary practice.

As I sit on the brink of 2017, I wonder….Do I dare dream?  Do I dare start my own practice once again? The task seems daunting.

At the church my husband and I attend, we are always challenged to “attempt something so great for God that it’s doomed to failure lest God be in it”

Can I do it? Yes, I believe I can…if God be in it.

Here are some of my ideas as I dare to dream for 2017:

I want to continue to practice Functional Medicine as I believe this is the wave of the future to care for chronic illnesses and to help people who have complex symptoms figure out the root cause of their disease.

I want the practice to be personal- one on one.  I will always be a solo doctor at heart. I feel the best care is to have your own personal doctor who knows your medical history well and walks beside you every step of the way on the road to wellness.  I have already chosen a name based on this personal concept.  MyDoc Functional MedicineWhat do you think?

I would like the model of this practice to be a membership model, where you pay a reasonable monthly fee for services – like a gym membership.  I feel this is  most economical to the patient and it motivates people to stay the course and regularly meet with their doctor whether in person or virtually. Just like only going to the gym once a year will not help you stay well, only going to the doctor once a year is not helpful for your health either.

So, stay tuned as 2017 commences.  With the help of God, I hope that MyDoc Functional Medicine will someday be birthed!